Respect to Pimpshiz
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Respect to Pimpshiz for defending the freedom of speech online! This guy is more than a hacker...
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I take it that an important part of free speech is the freedom to link your own site, guidelines be damned.
posted by harmful at 6:18 AM on August 18, 2000

Well, whatever. Since it is only possible to make a single link here at MetaFilter, I posted the longer explanation on my own page. I can't see why that should be problematic, since I don't have any commercial ambitions with my site.

Regards, Joe
posted by joedrescher at 8:25 AM on August 18, 2000


That's problematic because the guidelines specifically ask MeFi posters NOT to do that.

Look at the way other people handle this situation: they post the link to independently produced content, and if they have further comments about it, they make the first comment post inside the thread to express their views. Inside the threads you're welcome to link to your own material, but not on the front page.

You may have no commercial ambitions for your site, but plenty of people would just love to promote their own sites, their own writing and art and viewpoints, with links on the front page-- not necessarily for commercial reasons but just for attention. MeFi would quickly turn into Self-Promotion Central if self-linking were permitted, and most of us just aren't interested in that.

There aren't many rules on MeFi; please respect the few that mathowie has, of necessity, established to keep the signal/noise ratio high.
posted by wiremommy at 9:31 AM on August 18, 2000

it's possible to make as many links as you like here, just include html in the comment box.
posted by chaz at 10:57 AM on August 18, 2000

So let me get this straight: Pimpshiz defaces other people's sites, harms their business, or ruins thier little hobby site, then kisses the owie and makes it awww beddeh by - apologizing? By paying back lost revenue? No: by e-mailing the webmaster tips on how to avoid more attacks. And this makes him a "democrat?" The Scarlet Pimpershiz?

posted by lileks at 6:47 PM on August 18, 2000

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