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A Nittle Light Music: A little record label called Morpheus, considerably less soporific than the name implies, specializes in late night music, with many engaging mp3 samples. Though, somehow, they don't seem, in their soft prettiness, to hit the slightly anguished, melancholy spot of the truly nocturnal listener. I might as well come out and say it: what's your night music of choice? (My man is the composer Harold Arlen, who wrote Blues In The Night; "Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe"; "Last Night When We Were Young"; "It's Only A Paper Moon"; "When the Sun Comes Out"; to mention but a few. Oh - and, of course, Sinatra's first 12-inch LP, In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning... /small>)
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Mileece, Boards of Canada... Satie... Fennesz...
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Stars of the Lid
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Cradle of Filth and Miles Davis. At the same time.
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Godspeed You Black Emperor, until dawn. Upon dawn and during the early morning, Gustav Holst.
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Dead can Dance, Steely Dan, Blue Man, Blag Flag, Godsmack, old Metallica, Johnny Cash, Lou depends on if I'm writing...and what.
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I listen to anything from Pat Metheny (Ferry Across the Mersey, from his latest) to just about any artist on the Windham Hill label, to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, the American Analog Set, Yo La Tengo or just a generic cd loaded with jazzy mp3's. The key, really, isn't the music, it's the music with a good cup of tea, some candles, decent company or a good book.
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Hildegaard von Bingen (Canticles of Ecstasy especially), and Anonymous 4. If I'm up late trying to beat a deadline, something angsty like Smashing Pumpkins or Marilyn Manson.
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Allman Bros, Tool, and did someone already mention Lou? :)
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Chopin's Nocturnes... an obvious choice, but beautiful, beautiful music, kinda melencholy without being outright depressing.
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I'm rather fond of Joe Jackson's "Night Music." It's got an ondes-martenot on it, for God's sake.
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Night time is the best time to listen to music. For me, it's Stars of the Lid, Bobby Birdman* (best album of 2003 i think), Ethiopiques*, Two Dollar Guitar's Train Songs*, Electric Birds*, Bob Wiseman, Clem Snide*, Gotan Project*, Explosions in the Sky*, The Handsome Family, Iron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, Jim O'Rourke's late 90s-present albums, Songs: Ohia*, Velma* when I'm drunk, and, of course, Smog. When it's gonna be a late night and the words are flowin' I put Sonny Criss' brilliant Sonny's Dream* or Sonny Rollins' Saxophone Collosus* on repeat. [*emusic's got 'em]
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against me!, the cure, ann beretta, jawbreaker, j church, carrie nations, virginia black lung and jeff ott.
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Tom Waits, baby. I've been really getting into "Nighthawks at the Diner"--in fact, it hasn't left my player in a week.
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Hood, Cat Power, Coil, Explosions in the Sky, Lustmord, Merzbow, Hank Williams (alone with his guitar), Prefuse 73, Throbbing Gristle, Oval, and then, Flamenco Sketches (both takes) on repeat until the voices go away...
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Morphine made some fine night-music.
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I work graveyard: American Music Club (Especially Mercury), Nick Cave, Labradford, Idaho, Alpha, Nat King Cole Trio, The Decemberists, Spritualized, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus, Voyager One.
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Dan Pollack, The Winners, Heroin Queen, The Late Bus (1st LP especially), Bottlecap, Dortmund, Los Guerreros and Lawrence Luchel and the Wednesdays.
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Gorecki's Symphony No. 3 is nice.
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I second Stars of the Lid.
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My "dark midwatch of the soul" music, inexplicably, is a copy of the Bee Gees' Greatest Hits.
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I second Bonnie Prince Billy, saw him live last week and he burned down the Shepherd's Bush Empire.
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'You know. Those people who just don't get it when Barbara Tucker sings I get lifted.'

Thankfully I come from a generation that learned that the wee small hours were for either getting uplifted to the roof or shoved down dirty on the floor. Both at the same time being preferable.
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Hmm, after listening I am not a fan of Morpheus' versions of those songs.

My current nighttime listening is:
True Love Waits: Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead. Piano versions of Radiohead songs.
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Miguel, just wanted to thank you for the music-related topics. (Especially as we seem to have similar tastes.)

I'm not certain I have night-specific music ... it depends upon mood and situation as much as any other time of day. As a former musician, my tastes are broad, from classical to Broadway to R & B.

I used to be acquaintances with Ed Jablonski, music biographer and good friend of Arlen, Yip Harburg, Ira Gershwin, etc. Now Arlen, of course, was a mentor of Babs Streisand. At a 1960s recording session devoted to Arlen songs, Ed was amused by a very young (pre-Funny Girl) Babs making her entrance into the studio, fur coat trailing on the floor.

Divas are born, not made, I guess.
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The darker tunes of Moses Allison
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Wow, NorthernLite - fancy that. I can just see her. I bet Ed Jablonski had a few great stories to tell - I really admire his Gershwin book. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read his Arlen biography - but I've been meaning to for a long time. Thanks for the reminder!
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Who here likes pancakes? I love pancakes.
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Götterdammerung, Creatures of the Night, and The Smithsonian Collection of American Foghorns.
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