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1250 pages, hardbound. 2 volumes. Over 4000 comics in chronological order with 1100 never seen before. Lady's and gentlemen. I present The Complete Far Side. 1980-1994
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You present it? How'd you get that gig?
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Isn't The Far Side just the same joke repeated. Some aspect of humanity bring hoist on dogs, cows, flys with results.
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Mmmm, I'd like to sit down and read this with a refreshing glass of Pepsi Blue...

Just kidding. This is actually cool. I didn't know this was coming out until I saw it in the store last night. I wish it was on CD-ROM like they did with Mad Magazine.
posted by keswick at 8:53 AM on October 24, 2003

...consider it an essential addition to any bathroom reading library...
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Between this opus and the impending return to of another Opus, I'm all atingle.
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And for only $750, you can have it bound in leather.
posted by briank at 8:57 AM on October 24, 2003

Oh man, I got all breathlessly excited when I thought I was clicking on the ultimate Gary Larson internet archive.
Imagine my disappointment when I clicked through to Amazon instead. Argh.
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Does Amazon still offer a cut to people who link to them? Yes? I guess Matt won't be seing any of that cash...
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spazzm: I don't see a referral code in the link, so I guess you'll have to find something else to get worked up about.

Here. Here's a fetus. (Apologies to Bill Hicks
posted by keswick at 9:26 AM on October 24, 2003

Saw this at work, and I have to say that I will get it eventually. The best part is that it has letters people wrote in about the strips.

Word of advice though, if you're planning on getting one for yourself, wait until either right before christmas, or the months after christmas, there's a good chance if the bookstores order too many that you can get it for half off or more.
posted by drezdn at 9:27 AM on October 24, 2003

Speaking of new releases, there's a Complete Career-Spanning Two-Disc Set of Billy Bragg's music coming out next tuesday. I might present that next week, stay tuned...
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That 16 pound package nearly gave my mailman (sorry - postal carrier) a hernia.

I feel sorry for those of you who waited for Amazon's Oct 20 release date. Barnes & Noble shipped my copy three weeks ago.

PS: It's worth every penny.* The essays written by Gary before each year's chapter sends you deeper into his fantastic mind than you'd cull from just the cartoons. Excellent.

*And yes, I got the big new hardcover discount - B&N and Amazon were about the same there.
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I just goet back from the bookstore and saw this. *drool.* I spent the entire time trying to convince my wife to make room on the budget, but instead I got the "maybe for christmas."
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Eastlakestandard, I already have it! I ordered early and got an extra CD with rarities, so I'm getting my kicks on the A16.

As for the complete Larson... I want, but I think I can wait a while for that and see if I can dig it up at a discount. Might be worth a visit to the Strand to see if it turns up there.
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I don't get it.
posted by soplerfo at 10:09 AM on October 24, 2003 let relatives know in time for Xmas purchases...
posted by widdershins at 10:11 AM on October 24, 2003

A question for anyone that has it in hand--what is the quality of the book (as a physical object, as opposed to its content)? Is it on acid-free paper, for example? Is it a Nice Book? If I shell out $100 for this, I don't want to ever have to buy it again.
posted by Prospero at 10:17 AM on October 24, 2003

Just this morning I walked into a huge spider web on the way to my car (for the third time this week) and was thinking of the Far Side where the spiders have spun a web at the bottom of a playground slide and one says to the other "If we pull this one off, we'll eat like KINGS!".
posted by jonah at 10:23 AM on October 24, 2003

"Cat Fud." Best. Far Side. Ever. (IMHO.)
posted by grabbingsand at 10:26 AM on October 24, 2003

Wow, it's been so long. How does that go again? Oh yeah,...

Get your own blog, fuckwit.
posted by mikhail at 11:15 AM on October 24, 2003

It's a really nicely bound, with glossy paper, and a box to hold both volumes in... lots of color printing. All around it should last you a while.
posted by drezdn at 11:48 AM on October 24, 2003

And for only $750, you can have it bound in leather.

Huh. For $500, you can get me. grabbingsand, I'm with you. It's one of the ones that occurs to me for no good reason while walking down a hallway. That and "Careful mister. Ol' Zeke's liable to fire that thing up."
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Midvale [insert your school's rival here], school for the gifted
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What marketing genius decided to release a "Greatest Hits" album of Billy Bragg's stuff? He's not exactly somebody with broad appeal. I think that his fan base (myself included) probably already has everything in the two main discs. In fact, Billy owes me because I actually paid money for England, Half English when it was clearly released as a prank.
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Actually, yes. There is a "ref=sr_8_1/104-4074192-1092744" ref-code in there.

Not that I care, really, but if it's ok to advertise in FPPs I just wish someone had told me sooner.
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Actually, yes. There is a "ref=sr_8_1/104-4074192-1092744" ref-code in there.

That is an internal Amazon code that Amazon uses to track where you came from within Amazon. Associate codes do not start with "ref=" and are more or less plain English.

Nobody is getting any Associates kickbacks for the link.
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...which is supposed to be there.
My bad, carry on. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see, except excellent cartoon humor, that is.
posted by spazzm at 3:28 PM on October 24, 2003

how nature says "do not touch"
posted by shadow45 at 8:36 PM on October 24, 2003

I always liked the one with the two trucks crashed in front of a house -- "Bob’s Assorted Rodents" and "Al’s Small, flightless Birds" -- with a cat pressed up against the window.

Oh, and "Early Microscopes"...
"It's a mammoth."

posted by Civil_Disobedient at 11:39 PM on October 24, 2003

I like the two Chinese soldiers standing on top of the newly erected Great Wall of China. "NOW we'll see if that dog can get in here..."
posted by vito90 at 12:00 AM on October 25, 2003

This is my personal favorite.

I already have an extensive collection of "Far Side" cartoons. For safety's sake, I keep them on separate servers all over the world.

(apologies to Steven Wright).
posted by RavinDave at 12:00 AM on October 25, 2003

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