Broadcast flag blues?!
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Broadcast flag blues?! The EFF seems to be fighting a losing war against the FCC's proposed "broadcast flag" initiative (Salon), but they're making a big last-minute push to get more people to spread the news and contact the FCC. Will the broadcast flag initiative become a "gateway regulation", leading us to a future where Hollywood dictates to manufacturers what they can and cannot create? Mass exodus to Tokyo, anyone?!
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I noticed. It's a good issue, and it's one that needs to be mentioned, but there's not a ton to debate because we're pretty much all in agreement.

And, you know, I kind of suspected that might be the case. However, I'm glad I made the post anyway, if only to get more people to remember this issue.
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I would have posted the Salon article if no one else had. Thanks for posting it and the other links too.
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Why is there nobody who can smack US lawmakers around and shout "they are lying to you!"

Sure I am going to transfer 72GB tv shows with all my friends on my computer. Of course I am. Because god knows that's easier than sitting on my arse and pushing the buttons on my remote.

It amuses me that the MPAA sees such a huge threat from online movie and TV trading. Obviously not many of them have seen the programs that are available on Kazaa - let me have a look here:
- Punk'd - 312x240px, 8 minutes, 15fps and it's still 85MB
- Scrubs - SE02E12 - 312x240px, 21 minutes, 20fps and it's nearly 300MB

I downloaded them because I am a fan, and I couldn't get or watch them in NZ at the time. They suck, but they held me over until they came on TV, when I watched them again.

And now, when I have more money I will buy them on DVD.
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