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LAMP is an on-demand music service offered to the MIT campus through its cable TV network. The NYTimes mulls the copyright implications.
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I heard it on NPR.
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is this not just interactive cable radio?
did microsoft fund it because they are intrested in the idea? this could be THE FUTURE of cable radio
well think about it, cable radio (in fact radio in general these days) is from a set playlist that is randomly played through. . . if people could choose what they want to listen to like a jukebox, then we might hear some different things once in a while
or it could just end up being 15 channels of dave matthews as someone on fark said
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It's no different than the request hour at your local radio station. You request a song be broadcast via an analog signal, and if you are the next caller, and they have the song, it gets played. Everyone else just has to listen to your music and wait their turn.

It's really cool, though.
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Right now MIT has devoted 16 channels to the project, so 16 users can control playback at a time. An unlimited number of users may listen.
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I worked on a similar project once to setup something similar for tv. We were calling it Community On-Demand.
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brilliant use of exisiting resources. i hope these kids get jobs and not served by the RIAA.
posted by Hackworth at 9:28 PM on October 27, 2003

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