Artic Ice Cap is now perfect for slushballs and snowmen

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Artic Ice Cap is now perfect for slushballs and snowmen
Once the North Pole was covered in that kind of hard, dry, icy snow that you couldn't pack. Now sping is here! Robin red-breast and the Easter Bunny can't be far behind. Let's pelt each other with snowballs and build a fort before it all melts away, and the long summer of human-made Armageddon melts us all. What a world, what a world. Not that we haven't seen it coming.
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PS: I think I'm going to be SICK!
posted by rschram at 7:44 AM on August 19, 2000

Melting ice caps? Never mind! Climate change is natural! And, oh yes, don't forget, all that nasty stuff the socialist environmentalists want would destroy our economy! We shouldn't pass up this chance to establish new shipping routes ...

This is pretty disturbing, although as you note, not exactly a surprise. The slashdot thread is a bit uninformed; the Arctic ice cap isn't going to raise sea levels much by itself. But we've known for a few years now that where moderate climes experience a one-degree rise in mean temperatures, the poles are experiencing two to five times as much of a rise, making them bellwethers.

Once again, I take the time to remind everyone that is a "pro-consumer" stealth site that argues both that global warming isn't happening, and that if it is, it doesn't matter, and even if it matters, well, it would cost YOU the CONSUMER too much money to do anything about anyway. So we should all stop worrying our pretty little consumer minds about such matters and just let the Lords of our Economy run things as best they see fit. (I think they'd agree with that sentiment. I haven't asked.) Naturally, they argue that it's the scientists who have an axe to grind. They have a neutral-looking home page and are probably, disturbingly, providing grist for many school papers.
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