Hpoi Dancing
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Hopi dancing in pictures and words: Kachina, ladder, rain, butterfly and snake.
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Wonderful, moonbird - thanks for the rich offerings. oddly inspiring they were!

Yet another great post that a lot of people - I bet - enjoyed, but garners no comments because it really is a chore to just say "Thank you". :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 12:51 AM on October 30, 2003

Thanks, moonbird!
posted by notsnot at 6:58 AM on October 30, 2003

I very much enjoyed the rain and snake links (though there's something wrong w/the snake link about halfway through) - very cool to read different descriptions of similar ceremonies. Thx, moonbird.
posted by widdershins at 7:11 AM on October 30, 2003

I hope that someday the Hopi culture gets projected outward. Such a complex people truly have a treasure to share with the world.
posted by kablam at 7:51 PM on October 30, 2003

really good links, moonbird - thanks!
posted by madamjujujive at 9:19 PM on October 30, 2003

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