Just what the church needs...
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Just what the church needs... More excellent publicity. Two churches using the quarters that Catholic schoolchildren put in the collection plate to have a legal pissing contest over who has the right to use the name of a woman who spent her entire life trying to feed poor people one cup of rice at a time. I wonder how much rice each of those quarters would buy?
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Of course, looking at it from Christopher Hitchen's point of view, it's even more ridiculous.
posted by fable at 11:31 PM on August 19, 2000

I don't care how many quarters it takes from the Catholic schoolchildren, this is a funny legal battle worth pursuing to the Supreme Court. Is Mother Theresa really a protectable brand name like Tough-Actin' Tinactin and Depends Undergarments? The whole thing makes me fear that my Princess Diana School for Defensive Driving will never get off the ground.
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Actually, that's part of the law -- US law, anyway. Famous people can protect their names. (q.v. Madonna's cybersquatting suit.) I guess the litigatable question is whether an organization that someone founded, or belonged to, has the right to use that name. But I think apart from the law the ICANN arbritration rules (which don't apply in lawsuits) would definitely favor the original organization.
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