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"Little old lady got mutilated late last night..." On this special day, when we all have a certain song running through our heads, I thought a few links on werewolves might be appropriate. So, here's a chance to brush up on German werewolf legends, peruse werewolf myths from around the globe, check out this werewolf filmography, and sift through other werewolf sites. Requiescat in pace, Warren.
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Another early Google result for "werewolves":

Even a wrist thats strong & firm
And holds itself up high,
Can become limp when moon is out
And the owner becomes bi

Hrm. Well, then.
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I heard that they take Mike Tyson off of his Lithium a week or two before a fight, putting a raving, mentally ill person in a situation where he is generally unaware of the damage he is inflicting, and far less able to even protect himself.

Perhaps werewolfs live among us.
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Some nights the wolves are silent, and only the moon howls. (Carlin)
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That's the most famous couplet from "Werewolves of London". But I like the line "He's the hairy-handed gent/Who ran amuck in Kent" better.

Last night I played a folk/bluegrass/country gigt and they smuggled Werewolves of London into the set list over my objections. I think it's too obvious, BUT THERE WAS NO TIME TO LEARN CARMELITA.

My Zevonian fantasy: playing "Looking for the Next Best Thing" at a wedding reception

I worked hard, but not for the money
I did my best to please
I used to think it was funny
'Till I realized it was just a tease

Don Quixote had his windmills
Ponce de Leon took his cruise
Took Sinbad seven voyages
To see that it was all a ruse

That's why I'm looking for the next best thing
I'm looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best
But I'm settling for less
I'm looking for the next best thing

Bet that would go over well!

Lee Ho Fook doesn't serve Beef Chow Mein - really
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