flash rapture
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Blondie's Rapture, a heartfelt cover of it by My Robot Friend. -another Flash link...
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posted by drgonzo at 4:55 AM on November 1, 2003

If its Blondie covers you're looking for check out Heart of Glass by the Bad Plus. Cest magnifique!
posted by Damienmce at 6:08 AM on November 1, 2003

Aw heck, at first glance I thought this was about a band covering "My Broken Friend", by Bender. Now that would be worth a listen.
posted by Zonker at 11:47 AM on November 1, 2003

and i suppose dagwood was 'left behind'.
posted by quonsar at 4:06 PM on November 1, 2003

he was part of our burning man camp (pinhole) this year. it was funny because he was such a mild-mannered unassuming guy. it was remarkable to see him transform into this manic man-machine hybrid on-stage, shooting flames out of his dick & such. definitely a fun show.
posted by jcruelty at 1:38 AM on November 2, 2003

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