Night View of Seto - panormic views of western Japan
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Night View of Seto - impressive panoramas of western Japan. (via Yakitori)
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How utterly beautiful! Paradoxically, its greatest beauty is that many of the photographs, like this one could be of just about anywhere: LA, Lisbon, the suburbs of Paris.

Oh - and go for the BIG panoramas every time! Goes well with the old Sakamoto soundtrack too...

Thanks, juju!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:13 AM on November 1, 2003

...could be of just about anywhere

I was thinking the same when a couple times I thought I had already clicked that one! But they are beautiful. Thanks madam.
posted by LouReedsSon at 10:46 AM on November 1, 2003

actually, Hiroshima reminds me of where I live.
posted by taz at 11:07 AM on November 1, 2003

A looped soundtrack of nighttime noises from the scene would complete the immersion and be a simple addition, I wonder why more panorama artists don't do this, the ones that do are neat. It works well in crowded shots with background chatter or sounds of wind and birds.
posted by stbalbach at 11:11 AM on November 1, 2003

Awesome photographs! Thanks for the link!
posted by azazello at 11:32 AM on November 1, 2003

Oh... and in case others have the same problem, there's a NEXT button to continue to the next in the series of photographs in the extreme upper-right corner.

I couldn't find it for the longest time, and had to return to the home page to click around.

Great photographs... great find.
posted by silusGROK at 12:21 PM on November 1, 2003

Even the most ordinary places are transformed at night. thanks! : >
posted by amberglow at 12:28 PM on November 1, 2003

I'm a sucker for panoramas (or is the plural also panorama?) - thanks for the link. A fine addition to your already respectable portfolio...
posted by skyscraper at 1:37 PM on November 1, 2003

What skyscraper said. Thanks, madam!
posted by eddydamascene at 2:14 PM on November 1, 2003

posted by rdr at 12:17 AM on November 2, 2003

Excellent all-javascript scrollers on those bad boys. I don't think I've ever seen that used -- most everyone wheels out some bad applet.
posted by Ogre Lawless at 12:52 PM on November 3, 2003

Wow, totally beautiful. I especially love the one for Nagasaki, with the single burning-orange streetlight visible on the hill above the city... and also the way you can see the ghostly figures of other people in the near-camera darkness on a few of them.
posted by vorfeed at 2:41 PM on November 3, 2003

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