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Photographs of New York City overlayed and linked from a subway map, with the photo links specific to the position of the points clicked.
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posted by the fire you left me at 11:31 AM on November 3, 2003

posted by the fire you left me at 11:31 AM on November 3, 2003

neither really...linked alone would have been fine.
This is a good idea...very incomplete tho (this person obviously stuck to tourist haunts) What would be cool would be this connected with the AIA Guide.
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Yeah, I was a little underwhelmed once I got there - this would be really cool as a group project with plenty of photos, all linked by image map. But you need to get to critical mass, and this ain't quite there.
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I did the same thing when I went to New York for a day last year. I'm working on the same project again for my most recent trip to there. Instead of a subway map, I just scanned in one that I bought on the street at a vender. My pictures are terrible and not worth looking at, just saying I thought of this also.
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i have various photos of sugarhill and alexander hamiltons house and all that jazz...i love looking at pictures of new york...gives me some of the energy back...somebody please link to photos of 145th street or harlem ....i miss it very much.....(sobs)
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If I can self-link -- I've been doing a large-scale photography project in which I've been taking one photo within a square block of every New York subway station. (Including those on the Staten Island Railway!) It's been very time-consuming, but very fun and enlightening about the city as a whole. The project's webpage is here.

(I'm actually almost done with shooting the 500+ stations -- I just haven't had time to make darkroom prints and scan them all. That's a goal for later this fall.)
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cool, lisa! did you do Bainbridge Ave? or Mosholu Pkwy?

and sgt : > (if not that, then follow the links on the bottom of the page)
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cool, lisa! did you do Bainbridge Ave? or Mosholu Pkwy?

Yep -- actually shot my final Bronx station today. Although the photos in my series don't show the subway stations themselves, it's been cool to see the variety of architectural details in the stations. Besides some great tilework and stained glass, there are lots of murals and site-specific artworks.

(Interesting that your link for the Mosholu Pkwy. station shows one of the 40-year-old Redbird train cars on the 4 line -- as far as I knew, in recent years those cars had only been used on the 7 line. Most are soon to be retired -- and used as coral reefs off the Atlantic coast.) (Good god, I've become a trainspotter.)
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ahh....bless you amber .....i knew there was something familiar about the royal tenenbaums !
succesful auditions permitting , i'll come back and photograph harlem myself , now theres a mission ....i'm off to think about subway cars being used as coral reefs.....now theres a picture....like your photos lisa...
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Those were the stations closest to my house growing up, lisa...I'll miss the red cars (I remember red cars, and graffiti-colored cars)...we used to swing from the straps and handles like monkeys when we were little, and always rode in the first car so we could look out at the track (which is not possible with the new cars.)...also, I did a report for school in 6th grade on subway graffiti.

I can't wait to see the whole set of pics online, lisa, and break legs, sgt. : >
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Here's an article about the subway-cars-as-artificial-reefs project -- fascinating, but not without its controversies. (I ride the 7 every day and often still get a redbird -- it makes the commute more fun to imagine it filled with seahorses and swordfish.)
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