87 Billion is more then more
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U.s. Congress approves U$87 Billion emergency aid package for Iraq and Afghanistan. Having problems figuring how much U$87 Billion is ? Try this link .The White House had threatened to veto the entire bill if it required any repayment. Rumor is Dom Champagne production for the next 10 years pre-sold to a number of happy businessmen, taxpayers spotted begging for water.
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Read the conference report on THOMAS for details.
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While the "this link" thing is interesting, showing the physical volume the money takes up - I don't see how they're making a point about how spending $87 billion is bad...

It's really too bad when good causes are detracted from by pointless arguments... but hey, it was interesting little science factoids, so.. at least I got that out of it...
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Looking at the breakdown, I'm just astonished at how general it is. Almost every specific subcategory is labeled "MILITARY PERSONNEL" without explaining why additional personnel are needed, or where they'll be allocated.

Just what the hell is an Iraq Freedom fund? And why spend $73 million on an Afghan-only Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities, Defense fund when we supposedly eliminated the opium poppy crop? $21.5 million for an "Intelligence Community Management Account?" Who's getting payola there?
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