Steve Earle vs. Bill O'Reilly
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In this corner, Left-Wing Redneck Steve Earle! "The deal is, he's gonna interrupt me and then eventually he's gonna tell me to shut up," Earle says. "That's what he does, then on to the next thing. Equating any of that with a serious political discussion is like thinking pro wrestling is real. But the worst that comes out of it is I get the shit kicked out of me on Fox News and we get free publicity for the tour. It's a win-win situation. The worst part is I actually have to watch Fox."

I *heart* Steve Earle.

Sorry, but it's probably already been aired by now. Anyone catch it?
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WTF! Thanks for the link. I had no idea Steve Earle was going to be on The 'Factor. Hope he does get some tour publicity out of it. Saw him in '98 at NXNW and he had a few unkind words for that administration, too.

/Earle fan
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After September 11, [Artemis label boss] Danny Goldberg suggested I write a political record. I was happy that he said that, but thought, "Nah, I’ll write more chick songs, because it prevents my audience from getting exponentially hairier and uglier as time goes on."

That's funny.
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I *heart* Steve Earle, 2.
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Steve Earle was once an asshole to a very good friend of mine, a woman who gave no offense other than to say she was a fan and ask him to sign a CD. So, basically, my thought is, who gives a fat fuck what he thinks? He's a jagoff. Jagoff opinions, we don't need Fox News to get. They're everywhere.
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I *heart* Steve Earle, 3.

I just wish I *hearted* his style of music more than I do. I love some of his political songs to hear one time through, but I never find myself wanting to sit and listen to that particular music. I know, my loss.
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That, of course, is just my opinion :D No offense to you Steve Earle fans out there in the Blue. Even the woman he was an asshole to still thinks he's very talented.
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I hear you, UncleFes, but when I hear a story like that I remind myself that if I were judged for all eternity by something I said to someone I didn't know on a day when I was feeling crabby and mad at the world, it wouldn't be all that accurate a representation of what I'm really like.
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Point taken. Even so, someone who is an asshole to a friend of mine - even on their worst day - well, tough shit. In my book, until he apologizes to my friend or otherwise makes up for it, he's a jagoff. I'm not going to listen to his interview, I'm not buying his albums, I'm not seeing his concerts, and I could give a tin turd for the entirety of his thoughts on any subject.

Don't EVEN get me started on John Gresham :D
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what's a jagoff? is it basically 'frick' for jerkoff?
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Could be. My thought is the opposite, though, that jerkoff is the frick version.
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It's Frickative for "jackoff."
posted by kindall at 8:36 PM on November 3, 2003

Jagoff opinions, we don't need Fox News to get.

Yeah, but they package it so well.
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Acoustic Guitar,
If you think I play hard,
well, you could have belonged to Steve Earle
Or Charro or Gwar,
I could sell you tomorrow,
So bring me back my girl
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"jagoff" is a Chicago thing, like 16-inch softball. Say it in your best Dennis Franz accent.
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So did anybody see the d*mn interview?

[Metafilter: fewer O'Reilly viewers per capita than anywhere else in America]
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I have the samne kind of thing with David Duchovny. He did a friend of mine wrong many years ago. I'm not a fan and generally won't go to his movies or anything as a result.

(And they were living together as lovers at the time so it's a bit different UncleFes's story.)
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What was his name, filchy?
posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:06 PM on November 4, 2003

hey what's 'frick'?
posted by eastlakestandard at 4:15 PM on November 4, 2003

Her, Mr. Crash Davis.
posted by filchyboy at 8:10 PM on November 4, 2003

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