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Doors East is upon us again. A meeting of the minds on information design, brought to you by Doors of Perception. More inside....
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If you're looking to go (short notice), here are some reasons:

We do not expect many Heads of State to come, but Doors is "the closest event the design community has to the World Economic Forum" - or so writes Hugo Manassei, a wise programme director at NESTA in the UK. (He sent us this utterly solicited testimonial following our request last month). Other reasons your boss should send you to Doors East are:
1. The industrial revolution was launched in part by knowledge about textile production brought from India to Europe. The same can happen with knowledge about daily-life services brought from India, today.
2. Doors is a lens which helps companies look at the world in new ways. We explore next-generation service and product concepts, and develop exploitable insights, tools, and knowledge.
3. India is a world-class incubator of new business models. The "Public Call Office" concept enabled hundreds of millions of people to gain telephone access, within a few years. What's coming next?
4. India's software companies are determined to move up the value chain, globally. They need help to do that. Who is going to help them?
5. Grassroots innovators in India combine bible-age lifestyles with cutting edge technology. How did they do that?
6. Doors East led to "brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability" (Economic Times of India).
7. Only 1,100 of 265,000 plant species have been thoroughly studied. Of these, probably 40,000 have medicinal or nutritional applications for humans. Ethnoecology, the study of this locally situated knowledge, will feature in the keynote talk by Susantha Goonatilake, author of Toward a global science: mining civilizational knowledge.
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