How many times was the word
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How many times was the word "cheeseburger" spoken in the first Olympia Restaurant sketch? Everything you always wanted to know about NBC's Saturday Night Live but were afraid to ask. The answer is "80," by the way.
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Q: How many people have portrayed George W. Bush?

A: Two (Will Ferrell and Tracy Morgan).

Chris Parnell has also portrayed George W. Bush.

Also, since this will probably turn into a SNL fanfest, let me light the blaze by stating definitively that Alec Baldwin is the best, most consistently funny SNL host.
posted by ColdChef at 7:35 AM on November 5, 2003

Q: How many times will someone say "People still watch SNL?" in this thread?

A: Remains to be seen

I still watch SNL. I watch it for the same reason I always watch it, so I don't miss that occasional brilliant and hilarious sketch.

I think Christopher Walkin is the best host. MORE COWBELL!
posted by bondcliff at 7:49 AM on November 5, 2003

Actually, the last truly brilliant comedian on that show was Eddie Murphy. Mike Myers was occasionally amusing, but he's waaaay overrated. Same with Dennis Miller. Also, the cast of the first two years (Belushi, Akroyd, Radner, Curtin, Newman, Morris, Murray, Chase et al) was still the best.
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I disagree with both of you. Ian McKellen was fantastic. He was the first host I've seen in a long time who looked like he was actually having fun during the whole show. And on top of that, he gave every single regular on that show a real lesson in acting. That show made me enjoy SNL again, if only for one episode.
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Nah, Steve Martin is still the best host, over the longest period of time.

That's "What I Believe".
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Props to Tina Fey.
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Also recommended: Live from New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller. Now out in paperback. And I've seen the hardcovers in a few bargain bins.
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Amen, soyjoy. I have got a giant girlcrush on Tina Fey.
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I find SNL just about unwatchable without a TiVo. You NEED to be able to fast-forward through the commercials, many of the skits and the weekly musical guest (most weeks). That leaves you with a very funny 40 min sketch show, not an inconsiderable achievement.
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Saturday Night Live is about as funny as an 8-year-old's funeral or The Anschluss. And the last band that they had on that was worth watching was The Clash in 1982.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. If you need me, I'll be clipping coupons and watching "Murder, She Wrote."

(site's down, BTW.)
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Steve Martin is indeed funny, as is Christopher Walken. But consider these Alec Baldwin sketches:

* Schweaty Weiner
* Schweaty Balls
* That one where he made out with everyone, including the dog
* Canteen boy

I stand by my assertion that Alec reigns supreme (he hosts again in two weeks, so I may be eating my words)
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i'm with jonmc.
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This is a pretty good site if you like SNL.
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They missed one for the "Celebrity Jeopardy" category...I only know this because I saw it when it was originally on and have been trying to catch the rerun ever since: Christopher Walken as Calvin Klein.
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Q: How many people have portrayed George W. Bush?

No one saw last week's episode? Probably for the best, it was mediocre. Darrell Hammond just became the fourth person to portray Bush (and was surprisingly bad, given his usual talent at impressions).

Will Forte and Maya Rudolph need some props here, too.
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