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Friday XLS spreadsheet fun. How many of the Pop icons can you recognize, take the MiniPops Quiz.
posted by stbalbach (14 comments total)
Nifty old-school pixel graphics. Works fine in OpenOffice 1.1.
posted by majick at 6:32 PM on November 7, 2003


Excel stopped working for me this morning, and I've needed it like ten thousand times today! Is this a freakin' Excel holiday or something!???
posted by oissubke at 6:43 PM on November 7, 2003

*pets his copy of OpenOffice*
posted by majick at 6:45 PM on November 7, 2003

I wasted half a day on this a few weeks ago. Being a Canadian, I didn't know a lot of the UK-centric acts, but I tracked them down on the associated web site...which I don't have handy, but will link to as soon as I'm back in the office (if someone doesn't beat me to it). Fun.
posted by sharpener at 7:09 PM on November 7, 2003

K, the web site is at the bottom of the spreadsheet...I'm blind.
posted by sharpener at 7:10 PM on November 7, 2003

Hmm... on posted by stbalbach. What a coincidence.
posted by ptermit at 7:37 PM on November 7, 2003

*Pets his advance copy of Office Pro 2003*
posted by Keyser Soze at 8:16 PM on November 7, 2003

too bad I can't spell.
posted by delmoi at 10:33 PM on November 7, 2003

There's something amazing going on here. I'm astounded by some of the answers I'm getting right. Whether it's my own half-remembered images of the bands/celebrities, or the skill of the minipops crew in translating people into Atari 2600-quality images, I don't know, but I'm doing far better than I would've thought.
posted by Guy Smiley at 10:37 PM on November 7, 2003

Today is saturday and I am at work and I had intended to work and now I am not working and that means I will not get my work done.................great link....
posted by kenaman at 2:20 AM on November 8, 2003

So many names sitting at the tip of your tongue!

Who produced this? Could it be stbalbach?

(stbalbach: this is a great toy, excellent graphics - how were they done?)
posted by iffley at 4:31 AM on November 8, 2003

It is from FlipFlopFlyin (UK). They had bandwidth problems so posted it on my server. Forgot to "from" the FPP.
posted by stbalbach at 4:58 AM on November 8, 2003

Answers here.
posted by Owen Boswarva at 6:54 AM on November 8, 2003

I'm shocked by my ability to ID Hall and Oates.
posted by marzenie99 at 5:56 PM on November 8, 2003

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