Begun the microseries has...
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Begun the microseries has... in a very interesting format. Star Wars: Clone Wars will be shown in two sets of ten installments, each three minutes long, which can be viewed on the Cartoon Network's website the day after they are aired. Director Genndy Tartakovsky (of Samurai Jack fame) seems to be doing a good job, based on my impressions of the first episode. Can this series help redeem the Star Wars franchise for the thousands (millions?) who feel cheated by the shoddy prequels?
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The site looks fairly interesting... However, for some reason, when I tried to watch episode one, it said that the website's contents were only available to people in the United States.... And here, I thought they'd put it on the Internet for everyone to enjoy...
posted by Caffine_Fiend at 6:15 AM on November 10, 2003

That's really annoying.

Anyone have a mirror or work around?
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"it said that the website's contents were only available to people in the United States"

Maybe its their way of saving $$ by only reaching the potential market for their product... interesting.
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Well so much for that New World Order they keep talking about... I think the games over at the Cartoon Network's blatant marketing ploy for Star Wars are kinda fun. Particularly the one where you're playing demolition derby with one of Dooku's henchmen or whatever. Getting up to ramming speed and broadsiding the bad guy. Senseless violence is always an attention getter. Actually come to think of it, the other games were lame and stupid but that one was lame and stupid in a more enjoyable way.
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Maybe I'm doing something stupid, but when I clicked to watch "chapter 1" and the little Star Wars box popped up, a quicktime of some Anime called "Tri-gun" started playing. The graphics of the player are Clone Wars graphics and the IE box says Clone Wars so . . .?
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Cheated? I love the prequels. No redemption necessary.
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Can this series help redeem the Star Wars franchise for the thousands (millions?) who feel cheated by the shoddy prequels?

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Trigun does rock, but Star Wars it is not.

I think Vash the Stampede could take the Sith.
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I'm also suffering from the outside-the-United-States problem. So much for the "World Wide" web...

Could anyone advise:
a. a good proxy which will enable a UK resident to view streaming media which has been limited to US connections
b. the file name of the video so I can search on KaZaA?

many thanks
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I hadn't heard about this before I saw the first episode. I was certain it was some kind of parody and laughed all the way through it. Yoda and Anakin looked really silly and the dialogue and facial expressions in the Jedi planning meeting was so over the top, and the action scenes were so exaggerated and silly looking.

Maybe no one told the animators it wasn't a parody? Next you'll tell me Space Ghost Coast to Coast is supposed to be a serious interview show.
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You know, I graded on a steep curve with this thing being pretty easily amused and a fan of both the prequels and Samurai Jack, and I still felt like I was watching little more than a pointless commercial.
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...cheated by the shoddy prequels?

I love this. Like the original SW was an art house classic rather than good ol' family ennertainment with cool FX...
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It was weak. The first five minutes of any Samurai Jack episode is usually enough to make you plant your ass and watch the rest.

This one? Not so much.
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For all the hype surrounding this, I was hoping for so much more. You really don't get a sense of just how incredibly short 3 minutes are until you see a 20 second scene of Anakin taking off and waving goodbye to his gurlfriend. Jesus how contrived.

And can we please stop with the "he's too young to be doing (insert dangerous mission here)" followed up by angry teenage narrowed-eyebrows and a "I can do anything you can do better!" retort of somesort. Didn't Anakin already take out some really big, bad Jedi? Didn't Anakin win that pod-race thing at age -- what, like, 5? This deliberate and obvious "setup" for his angst (while at the same time garnering favor from the pre-adolescents watching who think their parents are similarly unfair) is getting very, very tiring.

Oh, and the drawing sucked, too. There's artisitic style, and there's artistic bastardization. This was the latter. Anakin looked like a 6'5" hulking 30-year old with a head as angled and large as some national monuments. And do you think with all the money invested they could have upped the framerate to something greater than a frame or two every second? This isn't Pokemon.
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While the "he's too young thing" does get old, I thought it was important here because 1.) Obi Wan was right, no matter what accomplishments he has, he needs more mental control... just being a great fighter/pilot/etc. isn't enough for the sort of spiritual battles they undergo 2.) In this case, Anakin is sent because the Jedis still haven't caught on that the head of the "Republic" is actually the Sith Lord who aims to corrupt him.

Sure, it's typical adolescent behavior, but I can't see it really reinforcing any but the most thick-headed adolescents, since they have to realize the consequences of this behavior in Anakin's case...
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