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Pax TV. Salam Pax is diversifying; moving into TV. His first report will be shown on the BBC's Newsnight programme. Newsnight broadcasts at 10:30pm GMT, and can be watched here by clicking on the "latest programme" link during or after the show.
posted by Blue Stone (6 comments total)
Dope that I am, should point out the "latest programme" link operates for 24 hours (Newsnight being a daily show.) Programmes are archived for a time and can be viewed from the Newsnight main page.
posted by Blue Stone at 12:36 PM on November 10, 2003

"Feel the Spirit" ™ Oops. Wrong spirit. Or, right spirit, wrong banner?
posted by Dick Paris at 1:31 PM on November 10, 2003

Not to be confused, of course, with CNN's NewsNight.
posted by calwatch at 10:57 PM on November 10, 2003

Looks like Salam's 15 minutes are over. Or he's jumped the shark, take your pick. Three comments (other than the poster's), none of them about Salam's TV show. See what happens when you remove the mystique? Don't ever give up your anonymity, quonsar!
posted by languagehat at 7:13 AM on November 11, 2003

I guess we'll soon know if he's a 15 year old from San Dimas.
posted by Ogre Lawless at 9:46 AM on November 12, 2003

Good for him!
posted by ruelle at 3:34 PM on November 14, 2003

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