The World Needs More Double Picking Guitar Shredders
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Free online music lessons from the Berklee College of Music, licensed under the Creative Commons and suitable for file sharing networks. Via Larry Lessig's weblog.
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This is very cool, thanks.
posted by crunchburger at 4:41 PM on November 10, 2003

Nice find, turbodog. I've been wanting to inform my piano studies with a bit more technical knowledge and lo!
posted by troutfishing at 4:43 PM on November 10, 2003

wow, so there goes studying for about 2 weeks. studying anything but music, that is...
posted by slhack3r at 9:48 PM on November 10, 2003

Many thanks turbodog. Looks like some very useful material. I've neglected working on music for far too long.
posted by Goofyy at 12:56 AM on November 11, 2003

what a crappy selection of material. i'm not knocking Berklee (heck, I went there) but rather that the material they put up there is certainly not of the calibre of the information available at the school, for example the Harmony 3 workbook.
posted by milnak at 1:28 AM on November 11, 2003

I showed this to a friend and he pointed me to It's similar in that you download music lessons from various instructors but they charge (very, very little) and the selection is much larger. I think I might break out the old mandolin and guitar soon...been a long time.
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