USA Vice President Al Gore
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USA Vice President Al Gore really put his foot in it this time. Seems he urged students to drive drunk responsibly. That makes as much sense as urging people to participate in safe sex without protection. Smart Al.
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You do know that is a humor site, right? That the article isn't real? Of course you do. Smart jaxomlotus. :)
posted by webmutant at 5:17 PM on August 21, 2000

Oh no, not again...
posted by harmful at 5:47 PM on August 21, 2000

Or is jaxomlotus guilty of the MetaFelony of Self-Promotion?

Whatever, it got ME another link... Thanx, harmfullator. Is my "Onion/Real News" story officially a "meme" yet?
posted by wendell at 7:50 PM on August 21, 2000

That's only a MetaMisdemeanor.

It's not a felony unless you link your own website in the body copy.

[ Wot? C'mon; it was *time* for some topic drift. If y' left yer sense of humor in yer other trousers, bugger off, a'right? :-) ]
posted by baylink at 7:54 PM on August 21, 2000

hrmm you know as someone who lives in Idaho I dont think anybody gives a crap how you spell potato(e).
Gore just isn't very good at expressing himself coherently.
posted by Fidel at 9:38 PM on August 21, 2000

Compared to who?

And I happen to think that students who drive drunk responsibly are much better than the other kind. I am, however, willing to be convinced.

And I am not running for President in 2000.
posted by chicobangs at 11:52 PM on August 21, 2000

Y'know, I never was the type to drive drunk responsibly. Mostly I never drove at all. But now that Gore is standing behind the idea, I'm gonna get plastered and eat some asphalt!
posted by dhartung at 12:04 PM on August 22, 2000

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