Where the wildlife has a half-life
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"The creation of the Nuclear Power Plant at Sellafield (formerly known as Windscale) was a bonus for the local zoo, as large tracts of land were made available and cheap by people moving away or dying."
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Well, at least now Roy's Tiger can have a place where nobody'll bother him...

(...but animal-mutations-from-nuke-plants humor was done to death in the first season of "The Simpsons")
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Be better if the nuke plant caused, like, giant mutated marmosets.

Now that'd be a bonus.
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But Richard Burton did star in
a creepy late career movie called Medusa
(1978) about Windscale.
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Fortunately for the remaining wildlife in the world - there hasn't been a lot a talk about restocking the zoo in baghdad.
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Other hoax websites by John Hopkin: Britain for Americans, CarpSoft.
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Sellafield is honestly no laughing matter for people living on Irelands east coast. The Irish sea is now considered one of the most radioactive bodies of water in the world. The government has mounted a legal challenge against the existence of the plant, and last year 93% of households took part in a postcard campaign against the plant. Some good general info is here, plus any google search will show dozens of decent resources.
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I was trying to figure out how kev23f's post made sense until I did some sleuthing (of not even a Hardy Boy's level) and found that Sellafield is on the left coast of the UK, meaning it'd probably be a problem for people living there as well.

Then again, it gives 'em some cheap juice and the finger to the Irish at the same time, so perhaps its worth wolloping around the tumor...
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one of these days the irish are going to pitch the british right the fuck off their island, into the middle of their radioactive sea, and that will be the final footnote to the british empire. won't happen too soon for me.
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wtf? why do us Brits want to give the finger to the Irish? and what the fuck is that all about, quonsar? seriously.
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Sellafield is an ironic name, considering.
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I think Q is conveniently forgetting that the British in question are actually Irish as well.
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PS: Why aren't they using the CANDU design yet (Or are they? The one that blew up was a slowpoke reactor, wan't it?)? It's not as if Canada and the UK are enemies, and it's the safest plentiful energy production method known to man.
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