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AFGHAN DRAFT CONSTITUTION WORRIES CIVIL-SOCIETY ADVOCATES Ah, the women. Again. I was unable to come up with some flash item to go with martinis so instead posted this. "The draft constitution of Afghanistan seeks stability in an ethnically diverse country whose infrastructure barely survived 22 years of constant war. It outlines a central government with a strong president and embraces principles of independent media and civil law. However, gaps in the draft worry advocates for women and for religious freedom. " And then there is the huge new opium crop.
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> Ah, the women.

Ah, the wogs. Give the Balkans back to the Soviets and the Empire back to the British, so much less bloody than what they do to themselves and one another. Freedom after they've all learned to speak a more civilized branch of Indo-european.
posted by jfuller at 5:00 PM on November 14, 2003

At least they've GOT one. Now Bush wants to hold "elections" in Iraq without having a constitution in place.
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What the US will probably insist on in any Iraqi constitution.

1) It must be close enough to what their government wants so that the government won't immediately re-write it or just ignore it. This means both the provisional government *and* the elected government.

2) It must take into account sectarian desires to some extent or else it will cause instant civil war. This includes limited autonomy and religious sites.

3) It must very carefully specify what the government *can't* do, what the majority *can't* foist on minorities; and what minorities *can't* force the majority to do.
a) Organization of government.
b) Government authority & taxation structure.
c) Treaty obligations.
d) Bill of Rights. (Emph. religion)
e) Subordinate-Government authority, responsibility and limitations.

4) It must outline an independent judiciary, free elections scheme, military and internal security apparatus. Sharia law is not an option, and a secular-Islamic government, like Turkey, is a desired outcome.
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rush - Yeah, and the "election" is schedule for the middle of next year. That's some nice timing. Not that I'm skeptical, I mean, the situation in both countries is just getting better every day.
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I think they should turn both Iraq and Afghanistan over to the women populations. I bet the straighten out both countries a lot faster than the US can.

I would like to see some Iraqi media come online soon. Some reports from within the country that haven't been sanitized would be worth seeing.

Does Wesly Clark have a chance at the Dem ticket? I am desperately seeking someone to vote for next year.
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Women are good for two things: looking good and bearing children. If they can't handle one of those two responsibilities, fuck 'em.
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We "liberated" Afghanistan. Stop worrying so much. Turn off your brain and watch Fox News.
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Do they get to watch Friends now?
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