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Time Tales : a collection of abandoned photographs, found at fleamarkets, thriftshops, or just lying on the street
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Beautiful. I love this sort of thing.
posted by digaman at 11:08 AM on November 15, 2003

Last summer, I was analyzing the contents of a 20 cubic yard dumpster used by by a cleanout company. I was building up a general profile of the typical categories of waste so as to make recommendations about cutting down the volume of material thrown into the dumpster. Emptying the dumpster cost $500 a pop, and this was done sometimes 5 times a week - the yearly dumpster overhead represented 20-30% of gross yearly earnings.

Sometimes this task involved digging through heaps of junk - quite often cleaned out from people's attics and cellars. One day, I was astonished to see a cache of photographs of an old girlfriend - of seven years - with her previous boyfriend (who I had never met). There she was, about 19 years old, with a skinny rock dude in fake leopard skin pants and an early '80s mane of long feathered hair.

I left the pics in the dumpster.
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You're a better man than I. I would have sent them to her latest guy. (Er, unless you parted on good terms, of course. I hear some people manage that.)
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I like the international flair of this collection; many of the other found photos pages seem very americocentric, or maybe that's just my last impression of it.

And the fabrics! Olden times must have been hella itchy.
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Found Magazine (which has been posted here before) is wonderful for this kind of thing.
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There's something eerie, something comforting, something decentring about looking at all the photographs. Truly a wonderful slice of (mediated) life. Thanks a million, anastasiav!
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great post, anastiav! nice site, thanks.
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