What's YOUR favourite ascii fart? \m\ (-_-) /m/
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Ascii Farts.
posted by holloway (5 comments total)
Okay, maybe I was being a big doofus when I MetaTalked about themes I saw in one day's posts, but THIS is definately a pattern...
posted by wendell at 7:12 PM on November 15, 2003

Byproduct of the Jerkcity crew. What a shitty, shitty replacement for the universally beloved Leisuretown.
posted by Ryvar at 8:38 PM on November 15, 2003

you lie. asciiartfarts rules.
posted by timb at 9:21 PM on November 15, 2003

I'll take the ascii Matrix, thank you much.
posted by squirrel at 1:19 AM on November 16, 2003

I think the word you want is "coprophage."
posted by wobh at 9:30 AM on November 16, 2003

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