Fantastic in Art & Fiction - images of the grotesque, marvelous and macabre
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The Fantastic in Art & Fiction - Cornell University's bank of nearly 300 images of the fantastic, the grotesque, the macabre, the marvelous and more "from works spanning a period from medieval manuscripts and printed incunabulae, to the early twentieth century."
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oops - meant to link the Index page - sorry!
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Coolness. Beats the kapok out of the color comics, 'Meet the Press', the NFL, Church, or anything else on a Sunday Morning.
expecting the wrath of Christian MeFites and 'Fox Trot' fans...

Worth noting: "Fantastic Space" refers to architecture, not 19th century rocket ships (and I think I used to work in one of those buildings). And the front page picture in the Freaks section? I really expected the Elephant Man to be more 'elephantine' someplace other than his head... y'know? Haven't looked at the "Danse Macabre" section yet - I've already been to MetaTalk today...
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This is a great find - thank you, Madam JuJu! I've enjoyed flipping through all of it, but I am absolutely intoxicated by this one man's work - Manuel Orazi .

I've been searching for any reprints of this beautiful book. I see so much of Mignola in there, it's not even funny. I'm going to keep searching though. Looks like there are some originals on display in a Virginia museum... Nothing from this book though, the "Calendrier Magique"
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Great link. I agree with kahboom, Orazi is amazing. My personal favorite tho has to be this image.
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I like this--and its tricked out presentation, too-- very much.
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[this is great!]
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