Like stealing chocolate bars and satellite TV...
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The Mob Inside Your Computer! Better bust out some SpyBot!
posted by shepd (9 comments total)
ElCasino`: I don't think so LOL

/timer 0 1 /ping ElCasino`
posted by angry modem at 6:01 PM on November 16, 2003

herez yor hotmeal i alredy red it hehe
posted by Smart Dalek at 7:10 PM on November 16, 2003

Get a firewall.
ZoneAlarm has an option to change the extensions of email attachments so they don't auto-execute when you open email
posted by Trik at 11:36 PM on November 16, 2003

Yeah, but skallas, "AV" and "housecall" just don't alliterate so well. :-)
posted by shepd at 11:40 PM on November 16, 2003

Why don't they make cable modems with firewalls built in? at least a cheap router or a way to close ports modem side?
posted by tomplus2 at 6:12 AM on November 17, 2003

Solution: block outbound SMTP from broadband connections at router level.

Only enable it if the customer insists on running his or her own mail server.
posted by rosmo at 7:17 AM on November 17, 2003

You know, I feel kinda bad for these folks, but then I read:

"Online casinos appear to be a favorite target as they do brisk business and many are located in the Caribbean where investigators are poorly equipped to tackle such investigations."

I realize that online casinos aren't out-and-out crooks, but if you're going to relocate to somewhere with very lax legislation to avoid regulation, you're going to see a huge decrease in people caring when you get ripped off. You want law enforcement? Pay taxes to support it.
posted by mkultra at 9:09 AM on November 17, 2003

mkultra - hey, maybe this is one of those shining examples of how the unfettered marketplace can work for the good of all!
posted by troutfishing at 9:51 AM on November 17, 2003

Meaning - sleazy enterprises move to tax-free havens which lack police and government powers to protect them from being preyed upon by even sleazier outfits. Ha ha.
posted by troutfishing at 9:54 AM on November 17, 2003

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