Vik Muniz
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The art of Vik Muniz includes pictures of air, dirt, dust, thread, chocolate, ink, clouds... {flash} (don't click the "erotica" section if at work--otherwise, i think it's completely safe)
posted by dobbs (4 comments total)
Thanks, dobbs. This is good. I especially liked the "Relics" section.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 2:23 PM on November 17, 2003

I love Vik's work - images about making images. I had the fortune of catching his show in Seattle a couple of years ago, and just recently saw the PBS special on him.

I'll second the thanks. I had no idea there was an official site.
posted by O9scar at 3:03 PM on November 17, 2003

Had never heard of him and am glad I now have. Also, the site design is nice... Flash, but nice.
posted by maniactown at 3:15 PM on November 17, 2003

I especially love the "Small Change" piece in the Monads section. A quarter made of pennies...hehe.
posted by supershauna at 7:23 PM on November 17, 2003

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