Content Protection at the Hardware Level.
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Content Protection at the Hardware Level. Sounds silly, doesn't it? The further you read, though, the scarier it is. What if your speakers refused to play non-watermarked audio? Followup to the Sony VP's speech.
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I buy new speakers.

Old argument, still valid:

Copy protection is really only good as long as people are willing to abide buy it. At some point, whatever the data is, be it sound, visual, whatever, it's got to be decrypted so we can hear it, see it, experience it.

At that point, if becomes available for piracy.

Well, up 'til they make up get the new Sony Eye(patent pending, I'm sure) biotech implant.
posted by cCranium at 11:38 AM on August 23, 2000

Just another argument for open source, open hardware, etc.

What was it I said the other day about the Second American Revolution?

How many people have to donate a dollar to buy the inside front cover of the Journal for a "we're not gonna take it" ad?
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