No, not the telegraph.
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Not in fact about telegraphy. Those fine young people at b3ta have been exercising their imaginations in depictions of the Victorian Internet. (via boingboing).
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Awesome. Thanks, Mr. Spleen
posted by ColdChef at 2:50 PM on November 22, 2003

A most delightful link! My favorite is most certainly the Hampsterdance post with the phantascope and sheet music, though the urgent business proposal from Western Africa was pretty brilliant, too. :)
posted by mosspink at 3:22 PM on November 22, 2003

i'm not so clever by half!

i daresay, those chaps are a bit of all right!
posted by billybobtoo at 3:51 PM on November 22, 2003

I like the night watchman emails (although the hamster dance is wonderful too) : >
posted by amberglow at 4:10 PM on November 22, 2003

posted by ColdChef at 4:19 PM on November 22, 2003

Been there. Done that.
It was a Y2K prank page.
Thank the Internet Gods for the Wayback Machine, 'cause I lost my original:
OneSwellFoop 1900.

Think I can sue b3ta over "prior art"?
posted by wendell at 4:26 PM on November 22, 2003

...And there's a 20-year-old student named Al Einstein whose new phlog MetaPhysics, has some of the smartest stuff I've read... : >
posted by amberglow at 4:33 PM on November 22, 2003

And, related to the Victorian Hamsterdance, this shows us how far animation's come in the last century.
posted by wendell at 4:38 PM on November 22, 2003

And I always liked the "old old old skool" animations at Homagestar Runner.

But if you think Victorian days are behind us, look at what The Presurfer just dug up:
posted by wendell at 5:03 PM on November 22, 2003

Don't miss Mr Goatse
posted by malevolent at 6:11 PM on November 22, 2003

I thought that The Weekly was the Victorian internet?
posted by tapeguy at 6:19 PM on November 22, 2003

Yes indeed, old chap. For great justice, what?
posted by eriko at 10:08 PM on November 22, 2003

b3ta is always good. Talented lads.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:31 PM on November 23, 2003

And they like elephants.
posted by homunculus at 8:54 PM on November 23, 2003

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