Akira Rabelais
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What is this? I really don't know how to make heads or tails on this one. I was listening to last.fm and some of the strangest ambient noise started playing. I ran a google search on the artist and was led here. One of the most unique pages I've ever seen. There seems to be a lot going on with this page. (Notice the poetry that appears on the index page for 1/3 second before refreshing to the main index map). In addition to having copies of the I Ching and the Kama Sutra (no pics) there is poetry and literature spanning back 2000 years, yet nothing I could find about the the original artist I was looking for. Has anyone run into this before or know what it's all about? And what are your thoughts?
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Search back issues of The Wire. There has been much written about Rabelais within those pages.

More from Forced Exposure.
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yet nothing I could find about the the original artist I was looking for.

There's the PDF linked on the front page that has a lot of information.
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it's weird. so I HATE IT!
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Creator of Argeïphontes Lyre, well liked by people who like that sort of thing.
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[andrew wishes he wasn't at work, using a computer with no sound card]

and thanks for a solid, old-school, interesting, non-news/list/quiz, cool-page, honest-to-goodness mefi-link. have a pony.
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Y'know, I can imagine myself cueing these beats to Plastikman
on a rainy evening, and listening to the final mix in the dark--

--What am I saying? I'm the good twin!
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oh, pysse on it!
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Well, the Oblique Strategies reference is obvious enough. That, and the random I Ching hexagram generator, suggests an interest in sortilege and aleatory composition.
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if you don't hate them since they halted the unlimited plan, emusic.com has a coupla' albums:

Akira Rabelais
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