Oil in the Lofoten Islands?
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Oil drilling in the Lofoten Islands? Norway's gorgeous Lofoten Islands were the subject of a great post by madamjujujive last year. Now the World Wide Fund for Nature is sounding the alarm over the prospect of oil drilling there. A decision from the Norwegian government is expected next month.
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that's really depressing, i hope it doesn't go through. but i wouldn't be surprised. those photos are beautiful.
posted by rhyax at 1:54 PM on November 23, 2003

Attention Norwegians:

Drill that oil and sell it at reduced price to the United States. Otherwise, we will invade your country under some incredibly flimsy pretense and take it.


Dick Cheney
posted by Mayor Curley at 2:55 PM on November 23, 2003

"If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well / It were done quickly", and cleanly. If it were done quickly and cleanly what is the problem?

Don't be mislead by the "environmental" movement, which is a watermelon in sheeps clothing.

I think the ocean is a inexpressibly beautiful thing, yet just look at the inexpressably beautiful oil and job opportunities in the deep blue sea.

Drill on.
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I don't think seabirds and fish are very popular in Norway right now, and some claim killer whales are behind a spate of attacks along the coast.
Actually, Norwegians are rallying in the streets as we speak, carrying posters saying "Kick their ass, get the gas."
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from the last link in the comment by hama7:

"Salaries start at USD$ 300 per day for Roustabouts."
Wrong. USD$ 150 is more like it.

"Working aboard an oil rig is hard work, however the facilities are excellent. Many of the accommodation wings meet hotel standards, despite being located in the middle of the ocean."
Wrong. In the Gulf of Mexico, 9 man rooms are not uncommon, flea infestations are frequent. The UK North Sea is usually better, the Norwegian North Sea better still. " The foods are of exceptional quality" is just a sick joke.

"...most personnel work in a 14 / 21 day rotation."
Only in Norway, and only because this is a legal requirement there. Most other places in the world work a theoretical 14/14 rotation, although that tends to depend on shore based mangement being motivated to pay attention to offshore employees. My personal record is 36 days.

It's not a bad lifestyle (lots of travelling, the time off can be good and the money is OK) but they are sugar coating it a little here.

The Norwegians have a deserved reputation for forcing oil companies to pay attention to ecological concerns (in stark contrast to the UK and the almost totally hands off attitude in the US - the things I've seen done on rigs in the US would make your hair curl). Still, I'd be disappointed if this drilling proposal got through. The integrity of some places shouldn't be risked for short term gains (although maybe I should tell you about the wells I worked on in the Seychelles ten years ago - oil money can be very persuasive).
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a watermelon in sheeps clothing.

No, it's the pot who cried "kettle!" I mean, it's cutting off your face to spite the bathwater! That is, if the needle in the haystack won't come to Mohammed then you take the high road to Damascus, only to find you can lead a horse to Newcastle, but you can't spin dross out of a sow's ear!
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George_Spiggot is Ross Perot. Whodathunkit.
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I wish people wouldn't mention the Lofotens, it just sidetracks me into spending the rest of the afternoon planning how I can get there, and I've got work to do. This, incidentally, is the best youth hostel in the world.
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the things I've seen done on rigs in the US would make your hair curl

What, like peeing off the side of the rig into the ocean?
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/covers eyes, backs out of the thread slowly.....
posted by dabitch at 3:53 AM on December 17, 2003

There is such a thing as visual pollution you know.
posted by biffa at 6:15 AM on December 17, 2003

Whoa! Where'd you guys come from?

*grabs pants, runs out of thread*
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