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No offense to the dozen or so people who are personally affected by either case, but there are more important things going on in the world than the investigation into Laci Peterson's murder or Michael Jackson's alleged activities with pre-teen boys. I bet if you look real close, one of these stories affects you.
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"When I read NewsFilter, I like to enjoy a nice cold glass of Pepsi Blue. Yes, Pepsi Blue. The choice of a new generation!"
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"So do you like... stuff?"
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Eh. Come now... I wouldn't call this a Pepsi-Blue post... this is more of a Well-Intentioned-We-Know-Where-You're-Comin'-From- But-This-Really-Isn't -Quite-Appropriate-For-An-FPP kind of post.
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Once upon a time in America, something bad happened.
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