Our military is stretched too thin, and we need to increase spending to combat the Decepticon menace
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Inaugural Speeches from Our Action Heroes: "As the first robot/semitruck to be elected to these hallowed halls, I pledge to rebuild America. To repair our crumbling roads and bridges, to lower gas prices, and to increase the speed limit. Things that all Americans need." [via queso]
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Optimus Prime for president!
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Skeletor is evil. Skeletor does not believe in free trade. Perhaps my words are too moralistic, too black and white. But look at him—his face is a skull!

This was really funny.

Also, why are all the action heroes Republican? Oh wait. . .
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I'm glad the article included Lion-O (somebody remembers the Thundercats!), but I still missed my current favorite action hero: The Crimson Chin!!! Of course, Bob the Guardian from "Reboot" would do very well with the web-savvy vote. And I wonder if they'd ever change the citizenship requirements to let Jackie Chan (the cartoon version, of course) run. Well, we can always wait until Beast Boy from "Teen Titans" hits 35...
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Putting childhood heroes into power - is there anything that nostalgia can't do?
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