Lala Deen Dayal
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Lala Deen Dayal: Photo Glimpses of 19th Century India. Lala Raja Deen Dayal, pioneer Indian 19th century photographer(1844-1905). has left for us an exquisite photographic record of British India, of a bygone Colonial era influenced by Native Princely India- its picturesque opulence, rich costumes, whiskered nobility, hookah bearers, royal palaces, hunts, and parades, elephant carriages, historic events - golden moments captured on "silver" plates for posterity.' Gallery here.
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Site's not working. Wanted to see the pretty pictures.

posted by Asparagirl at 11:19 AM on November 26, 2003

Never mind... it worked earlier.

You can get a taster at this exhibition website.
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[with links to pictures on the left]
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Thanks, plep.

(Wow, they really were carried around like that!)
posted by Asparagirl at 1:02 PM on November 28, 2003

Until the other site comes back online, here's another nice collection of photos from 19th century India.
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