No Food Says Fun Like 'Happy Crak' Popcorn!
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Rude Food - from that old English classic spotted dick to more unusual offerings like bum bum bananas, Erektus energy drink, and Prick potato crisps, here's a wonderful collection of worldwide food items that bring out the giggling 12-year-old boy in all of us.
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I had Sorbits when I was in Denmark.
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My fav has always been Mr. Brain's Faggots.
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Calpis drink, which seems to have been renamed for at least the US market and is now called Calpico. Anyway the concentrate is. It will always be (call-piss) to me though.
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Pocari sweat - (selflinkQT) and plopp are the funniest ones to me. (though spotted dick is right up there!)
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Head cheese.
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Only because he doesn't get linked enough here at MeFi:
Naughty Foods
and yes, he links to Rude Food too
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Up until about 1990, one could buy "Darkie" brand toothpaste in Hong Kong, complete with a Sambo-like character depicted on the tube. This was changed to "Darlie" (how clever) due to protests.

There was a story about a candy bar being test-marketed in Japan called Snatch. It was, umm, snatched away from the market at the last minute.

I remember a billboard in Japan put up by the American Cattleman's Association that read "Let's Meet American Meat."

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"darkie" toothpaste is just wrong......
posted by dabitch at 4:05 PM on November 26, 2003

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