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We had a crack at the Historic Tale Construction Kit a couple months ago in this thread, but Something Awful has done us one better and collected nine pages of raw humor created with the toy. Click! Read! Laugh!
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HaHa! Very funny post, thanks UKnowForKids!
posted by vito90 at 7:36 AM on November 26, 2003

The entire page devoted to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is a little tiresome, but considering the Something Awful Icon, I guess we gotta cut it some slack.

The ones that actually use the language (relatively) correctly come off funnier to me. And the one correct use of "Wherefore" almost makes up for all the lame-ass "-eth" additions to random words.

I think I prefer the completely non-verbal one, though. That's fvcking brilliant.
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I thought not that yonder Goldmine couldst top a run of iPod ads but joy, I gladly grant that I stood mistaken.
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"Tis XXX leagues to York. We hath a full sack of oats, half a measure of pipeweed, tis dark, and we weareth sunglasses. SMITE IT!"

"Torch tapestry to continue"

"HTTP error CDIV"


Farkin' grate.
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OK, I nearly peed when I got to the Legend of Zelda spoof and the "JAZZ HANDS" one. Nice, um, posteth.
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Is Cat Town made by Something Awful?
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I didn't see this the first time. Funny stuff.

Here's mine: Get Thy Battle On
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Mine is a bit cheap and topical: The Neverland Ranch. Although it appears that somehow I munged the text in the first frame... Bah!
posted by UKnowForKids at 10:27 AM on November 26, 2003

Awesome! I missed this the first time, too.

Here's mine, with a nod to Caddyshack.
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The Legend of MeFi Vol.1
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In 1221, the war beginneth
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Here's my quick paste-up, so to speak.
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browpau - when I clicked your link, I got this. Copy and pasting the link worked.
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(syzygy - Whoops, sorry about that. I had to throw some emergency lines into .htaccess to prevent some hotlinking bandwidth theft, but I forgot that that would break external img links. I'll fix it after Thanksgiving.)
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Whilst relating Thee Legend Of MeFi Vol. 2 (The Ador of the Double Post Guy), I remembered the reason I lost my job as a scribe for the monastery.
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Hmm, yes. The Historic Tale Construction Kit's "post to gallery" crashes whenever I try to use it, and I can't work out (i.e. be arsed to work out) how to post to Something Awful. So here is my effort. Yeah, I know it should be "Hie thee hence".
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