Sometimes, I'm proud to be a commie,
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Sometimes, I'm proud to be a commie, heh. well, a russian. whichever. ohh, and here is photo 1, and photo 2 too.
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It's not clear that this was a KGB/FSB action. Supposedly the medic was with the Navy. And she did get her point made.

It is a reflection of a somewhat more ... interventionist view of such medical procedures than would be acceptable in the west.
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It's like something out of a Simpsons episode.
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CNN also reported on this story.

The question is why this woman was sedated. If it was to genuinely calm her down, and it was by a Navy medic, that's one thing. If it was by a state official, and it was meant to shut her up, that's entirely different -- far, far, more sinister, to put it mildly.

In either case, according to CNN, human rights groups are already looking at this askance -- Russia has signed a treaty saying that they do not apply "forcible medical treatment."

I think Russia's about to learn what Western governments have known for decades: you've got to keep the media on your side...
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It seems that russian militaries said they used sedatives to help people to get over the tragedy.
They added they even use them on themselves, since the dead marines were their friends too.
Well thanx for the help then, but maybe they should warn people before trying to help them.
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