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3D Tube Map
posted by Orange Goblin (18 comments total)
That's totally cool, man! But it would be better if it was a Java thing or something and you could rotate it live on national TV and zoom in and out etc.
posted by mokey at 2:58 AM on November 28, 2003

And also if he labeled the stations..

Good stuff, anyway :)
posted by ruelle at 3:53 AM on November 28, 2003

Good stuff. What would be really cool though is a 3D map of the tube that is geographically accurate rather than based on the famous map by whatshisface.
Why? Well I was reading a book about the building of the new British Library (an amazing place, go visit) and it mentioned that the building is of sufficient depth underground that it required building around the tube line. It got me thinking about all the other bits of London that you must go around, through and under when on one of those trains. Sadly none such map seems to be available.
posted by chill at 4:18 AM on November 28, 2003

a good piece of work. only improvement i could think of would be to actually poisition the stations where they qould be found on a road map, rather than the underground map - but still very good
posted by monkeyJuice at 4:21 AM on November 28, 2003

My parents work and live in the Canadian High Commission, and the tube line from Green Park to Bond Street (Jubilee line?) supposedly runs right underneath their building. I don't think you can feel the vibrations from the trains, but my parents swear that their rugs "migrate" every so often.
posted by smcniven at 5:03 AM on November 28, 2003

This link has geographic tube maps and muc, much more...
posted by brettski at 5:07 AM on November 28, 2003

The RealTube Map (Geographic Map) link from there is broken, brettski, but can be found here.
posted by benzo8 at 5:33 AM on November 28, 2003

Wicked cool.
posted by dash_slot- at 5:54 AM on November 28, 2003

I think this is brilliant and have informed the TFL Press Office that they should look into this.
posted by Samuel Farrow at 6:07 AM on November 28, 2003

benzo8 - thanks - I hadn't seen that one, the flash map is very cool...
posted by brettski at 6:11 AM on November 28, 2003

If we're doing wish-lists, then they should add the way-cool abandoned stations too. I go through the dark and deserted British Museum station on the Central Line every day, and it rocks. Shades of Deathline I reckon.
posted by bifter at 7:30 AM on November 28, 2003

So there's this software you can get for you PDA called TUBE that does a great job mapping out subway stops and stuff like that. Really it's cool.... only don't do what I did and plop down $20 bucks on the Chicago edition for the L... the L itself is really, really, really frick'n simple to figure out. (Who knew?) However, that London subway looks like a monster... wowzers...
posted by wfrgms at 7:59 AM on November 28, 2003

Previous discussion on abandoned stations - I think its a different site though.
posted by Orange Goblin at 8:02 AM on November 28, 2003

"whatshisface": Frank pick
posted by marvin at 9:32 AM on November 28, 2003

A geographically correct tube map wouldn't be nearly as much fun to look at -- especially if the tunnel diameters were scaled proportionately; except for a few spots near the centre it would be so thin and spread out that it'd look like hair you pulled from a brush, and the depths would be insigificant on that scale -- it'd be essentially flat.

Much of the fun of this map comes from the fact that it's so iconic to anyone whose spent much time in London, making this unique perspective oddly thrilling to look at. A geographically correct version would be mildly instructive but not even remotely familiar.
posted by George_Spiggott at 10:03 AM on November 28, 2003

Silly me. I was expecting 3D schematics of high-end audio amps.
posted by HTuttle at 10:32 PM on November 28, 2003

posted by si at 11:28 AM on November 29, 2003

I really thought the picadilly line was the deepest, but it looks like she has data which suggests otherwise; who would have suspected the Northern line?
posted by TuffAustin at 12:31 AM on December 1, 2003

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