The Ovid Collection
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The Ovid Collection Outstanding site devoted to the Metamorphoses, featuring the original Latin, five different English translations, and some foreign-language translations as well. Be sure to look at the page devoted to illustrations. Speaking of illustrations, The Ovid Project reproduces the plates from one seventeenth-century and one early eighteenth-century edition. For much more Ovid, see this German metapage.
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This page is also quite nice: especially highly recommended are the online Illustrated Editions of Ovid, where you can view sumptuously huge scans of several 16th century (& some later) editions.

Of course, Ovid was Shakespeare's favorite Roman author. For an idea of where the conversation about that has been going lately, here's a review of a recent collection of essays: Shakespeare's Ovid: The Metamorphoses in the Plays and Poems.
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Absolutely fantastic. Many thanks.
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I know what I'm doing tonight. Great links - thank you, thomas j wise!
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If you've got a thing for online classical texts in their original language, check out the Perseus Digital Library.
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