August 25, 2000
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This reminds me of a quote, or, well, there are different version of this. "If dolphins are so smart, why don't they get a job?" Was it on Simpsons? or? Ohh well.
"Janik, a Scottish biologist now at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts, said that the signaling pattern of the dolphins is similar to what experts believe happened when ancient human beings first began organized speech."
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The quote's from the Kathie Lee Gifford comes to South Park episode, I believe. Cartman says it.
posted by ann?! at 9:13 AM on August 25, 2000

It would seem that the fact dolphins don't work proves they are smart.
posted by john at 9:47 AM on August 25, 2000

I believe the quote from the South Park episode goes, "If dolphins are so smart, then why do they live in igloos?"
posted by wocsid at 5:45 PM on August 25, 2000

The problem with dolphins is they don't have any hands. Imagine going into a job interview if you just had fins attached near your shoulder blades. The only job you could get is maybe as a life guard. (Baywatch 2012). But you'd also need big pects or breasts.
posted by PaperCut at 8:37 PM on August 25, 2000

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