Framley Museum
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Framley Museum. 'The museum was founded in 1882 when objects of local interest began to gather in the field where the museum now stands, due to the natural action of the wind and rain. '
'In 1886, visionary Whoft philanthropist, Manimal MacCorkindale proposed building some walls around the objects, forming Framley's first museum. A door fitted in 1932 cemented the museum's popularity.'
Courtesy of the mighty Framley Examiner.
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The is super good. But it's a quintuple post, I'm afraid.
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D'oh! (Though in fairness, I don't believe that the Framley Museum site hasn't been linked before and I think that may be new content...)
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hasn't = has ;)
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"OW! THAT HURTS! In Victorian Framley, if caught, a pickpocket would have his hands removed and replaced with his feet. If he offended again, they would be swapped back."

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Oh, it's a gag site. Ok.
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I especially like the technology museum page.
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And remember, don’t touch any of the exhibits, or you’ll go to hell!
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