US fires Guantanamo defence team
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US fires Guantanamo defence team If we make the rules, we will win the game. "A team of military lawyers recruited to defend alleged terrorists held by the US at Guantanamo Bay was dismissed by the Pentagon after some of its members rebelled against the unfair way the trials have been designed, the Guardian has learned"
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Color me surprised.
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Thank god for The Guardian!
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read this yesterday, @ talk left(also saw an article supporting this)We're pleased to learn that the U.S. plans to release 140 detainees from Guantanamo. On the other hand, we're outraged by this:

Then read about this guy born in Louisiana(can't find an updated link) He is now getting council. After that wondered if the administration is correcting things before all the shite pointed out above hits the fan .
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In a non-related story; Canada quietly and politely asks if it's possible to move to another continent.
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What sort of a legal victory will the Bush administration be able to claim, if they do not promote proper legal defence for these prisoners? It's like they ...

Jeez, I think I've lost the will to live.
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When I first heard the headline on BBC Radio last night ("US Military Lawyers Dissent and are Fired", or something like that) I misunderstood it to mean that the lawyers didn't want to have to defend terrorists. I commend them for having the integrity to object.
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So what TV network will have the broadcast rights to this public entertainment spectacle? And boy I can't wait for the snazzy new commercials that they'll air between testimonies.
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dash_slot, I seem to have an abundent supply and am willing to share.
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The land of the free.
The home of the brave.
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cheers billsaysthis - can you send a weight round by courier? (hope no-one else needs it in the sad times we're heading into...)
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The land of the free.
The home of the brave

ah cuba, with all the new....oh
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News Flash!

Bush appoints the Washington Generals as the new Guantanamo defense team.
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New Flash!

Bush orders recreational sports team for GITMO.
Washington Senators recalled into active duty
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Just remember kids, this is the same govt that is trying to overturn the miranda ruling, one of the parts is to tell people that they the right to an attorney.
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Calvinball is right.
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At this writing, Google news lists this story in seven news outlets. Not one of them is in the U.S.

Let's see: Pentagon, Guantanamo, War on "Terror" -- nope, no domestic interest there...
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The US government claims the story is false:
The Pentagon's recently established Office of Military Commissions denied the claim. "That is not true, never happened," said its spokesman, Major John Smith.
The Guardian seems to be the original (only?) source for this story; the other links on Google News are derived from it. Perhaps within a day or so other news sources will have had a chance to do some investigating. It seems to me it ought not to be hard to track down a few of the actual lawyers involved...
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As much as I wouldn't be surprised, I too would like to see another confirmation.

But, it sure seems which case...Calvinball it is.
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Blue Stone: Calvinball is a game for which the only rules are made up while the game is played.
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The only permanent rule is that you can't play the same way twice.
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