It's like something right out of a horror movie.
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It's like something right out of a horror movie. This is easily one of the most bizarre and sad news stories I've ever seen. Words can't express the grief and terror this family must feel. The followup gives more disturbing details.
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Hate to tell you this, but we knew that already.
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Heh, I looked through MeFi a couple times for it and didn't see anything. Granted the headline "Telemarketers are the Devil Incarnate" doesn't have that much to do with the tragic nature of the story. (And is really quite disrespectful.)
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Stipulated, but my usual touchstone on this one is "could *the other* poster have spotted the dup from *your* headline"... and let's face it, they couldn't either. ;-)

As for 'respectful'... forgive me, but I'm going to be an asshole here. Respect is something one earns. The people who were killed and the people who survived are people we don't even know.

In the unlikely event someone involved with the event is a MetaFiltarian (as someone phrased it so delightfully to me in email the other day), I'm sure they'll complain to the poster, and the poster will apologize.

But *the poster is not being disrespectful to anyone* simply by posting it... *unless he knows that there's someone in the audience who will be hurt by it*. If you don't have any reason to know, there's no reason you should be talking about it, yeah verily, and being satirical if you like.

The more important the dead person, the fewer people you're *unlikely* to offend, admittedly... but there are plenty of Princess Diana jokes these days, and no one's gotten punched out for one lately.

People are *way* too oversolicitous of the feelings of anonymous people and groups... and not nearly solicitous *enough* of the feelings of specific people they know, these days.

But I dunno, maybe it's just me.

So many things are just me.
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