EBay removes ad for sale of human kidney
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EBay removes ad for sale of human kidney. Randall told The Sun newspaper that he was trying to raise money for special therapy for his 6-year-old daughter Alice, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Richard Posner shakes fist.
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Of course, Ebay can restrict their auctions as much as they want. But beyond however distasteful some may find the auctioning of body parts it seems like a perfectly reasonable proposition.
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Another MeFi "spare parts" discussion.
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I guess that means that my bid is automatically retracted?
posted by troutfishing at 7:41 AM on December 5, 2003

This man is going to get so much publicity from this he's going to get lots of offers and be able to name his price anyway.
posted by orange swan at 8:03 AM on December 5, 2003

If a fetus is not a person, then it is a part of the mother's body, and can be conveniently purchased using PayPal! Yay!!
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Richard Posner shakes fist.

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Selling your own kidney is "perfectly reasonable" only if you don't mind legitimizing the practice of using poor, stupid, or enslaved people as an organ farm for rich people. If science fiction has taught us anything, that kind of thing is one of the defining traits of our nightmarish dehumanizing cyberpunk future.
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rcade, you just went from a straight to z and ingnored every other letter in the alphabet.
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