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For any society, in any age, the study of politics ultimately comes down to one elemental question: how are people persuaded to acquiesce in a polity where the distribution of power is manifestly unequal and unjust, as it invariably is. -- The quote from David Cannadine that opened a recent Newsnight newsletter from Jeremy Paxman. Email may not be the sexiest 'net medium, but I wait daily for two witty, well informed summaries of UK current affairs; the second is Channel 4's Snow Mail. And weekly, there's the Guardian's Backbencher.
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Cool. Jon Snow even finds time to tell you what the weather is like! These are very cool services, I would undoubtedly subscribe if I was slightly more interested in current affairs. I saw Jon Snow once, he is very tall.
posted by mokey at 9:47 AM on December 6, 2003

andrew, thanks for the link. At the moment I get an email every evening from the CBC's Peter Mansbridge and their equivalent of Newsnight, The National.

It's primarily an agenda for the show of the evening, but often has anecdotes that it wouldn't be professional to share on-air.

I used to love watching Paxman and Newsnight when I was living in the UK; I look forward to receiving his mailings.
posted by lowlife at 1:57 PM on December 6, 2003

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