August 25, 2000
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Good luck with the new book, Derek. You will be missed at Pyra HQ.
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Mr. Powazek has always been quite a solid writer- I've enjoyed his writings from the days of to the ones that he has been generous enough to post on and I truly believe that with the publication of this book, he will not just see his dreams come true but also the realization that the sky is not even the limit for this young man.

What struck me funny about the article was the fact that while Mr. Powazek's writing has been one of my biggest inspiration- I always wished that I could write as concisely as he does- today also marked my last day working for the landscaping company.

Pursuing nothing but dreams of working for the media, I landed a job in Washington, DC as a sports editor for a large, university-based newspaper.

Good luck, Mr. Powazek, and be sure to keep us posted on your progression.

posted by msposner at 1:03 PM on August 25, 2000

No offense to Derek, or Pyra, or anyone.. but is it normal to leave a position after only three months? I'd read about a trend where people in the New Media industry rarely stayed at the same gig for more than a couple years, but three months? Is the average time between jobs accelerating, or is that just a bay area thing?

And of course, lots of luck on the book, DP. I can't think of anyone more qualified to be the authority on effective community design.
posted by endquote at 3:59 PM on August 25, 2000

I'm with endquote. 3 months seems bizarrely short as jobs go. I mean, my mother keeps telling me that I don't have any stamina in my jobs and that I should just "make up my mind" and "stick to it". I mean, we all know Derek is a god at what he does and that he'll write good books, but the whole Blogger episode is a little bizarre...
posted by barbelith at 1:54 AM on August 26, 2000

Do you know how much work is involved in writing a book? Lots. And the time between the signing of the contract and the release of the book is way too short. Holding down an intense job while trying to write a book in a short time would strain the best efforts of Superman. You can't give 200% of yourself.

I've turned down tasty web design assignments over the past two months because I can't fulfill them and finish my book on time. If I were working for someone else, I would have had to quit my job - no matter how much I liked the company or the people at that company.

Is it surprising that an author would have to quit a job? Not really.

A goof-off at an unimportant job might be able to keep the job and write the book on the sly. But an honest person at an important job has to choose.
posted by Zeldman at 2:37 AM on August 26, 2000

Not as many comments as I expected. All the other MeFites must have been busy sending resumes to Pyra (all except efader, of course).
posted by wendell at 10:22 AM on August 26, 2000

one comment about the fact that a brilliant guy is writing a book.

two comments about the guy leaving his job.

one unsolicited defense.

one comment about how few comments there were.

one summary to close the thread.
posted by Zeldman at 12:02 PM on August 26, 2000

Pfft. We all know *you* give 200% Z, but it's nice of you to stick up for Derek.

Sure, for a regular guy hopping from one regular job to another, 3 months is short. I imagine Derek didn't know he was going to get a book deal when he signed on at the Labs, and I sincerely doubt that the Pyrates are upset with him over this. If anything, they would probably be giving him severe grief if he tried to do something else. That's just a long way of saying "Bravo, Derek!" and blowing raspberries at anyone who thinks you made the wrong choice. Typical Muggle world view. Now go out and write something tasty.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 12:03 PM on August 26, 2000

You forgot the semi-humorous jabs by a self-appointed meta-commentator.


posted by Zeldman at 4:19 PM on August 26, 2000

"one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them."
posted by cheaily at 4:25 PM on August 26, 2000

I know a good song about a badger. Does anyone want to hear it? Thread-rot ahoy.
posted by barbelith at 4:38 PM on August 26, 2000

Eh. Sorry. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything. Didn't mean to be disparaging. Of course Derek would have to leave Pyra to do the book. And I have a lot of respect for him for choosing something he's wanted to do for a long time over something that's cool, but that he could do any old time.

I was just making sort of an industry comment that probably wasn't appropriate in this thread. Sorry. Much respect to all who follow their dreams.
posted by endquote at 6:19 PM on August 26, 2000

endquote: sorry if i sounded like i was criticizing you. respect all around. *group hug.*

oh, and, uh tom ... shouldn't you be changing your user name? ;)
posted by Zeldman at 11:22 PM on August 26, 2000

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