I want candy, bubblegum and taffy....
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'Just Bring 'em In From Space' • An interview with Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, co-creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and former writers for Space Ghost. "If talking food is a tool, it's one typically seized by a businessman/evangelist desperately grasping for 'funny' — and using the first inoffensive, seemingly comic concept he can find. But Adult Swim mainstay Aqua Teen Hunger Force may be enough to singlehandedly rehabilitate the genre."
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ever thought about makin' a livin'...out of being weird?
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"I will need, one of those, space age tubes." "You mean a pipe?" "Yeah, that's it."
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"Do what now?"
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"Hey, I like your yard, fatso! You hear that, it's nice! Why don't you take a look at it! Helloooo... Observe your yard, fatty! It's completely rolled!"
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no one can withstand the *QUADLASER*
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I'm afraid the show hit its peak a little too early for me. The Mooninites' initial appearance simply cannot be topped.

Glad to see Adult Swim and ATHF getting some interesting exposure, though.
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Gentleman... BEHOLD! Corn!
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everyone bow your head and pretend to be serious.
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More ATHF quotes.
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The 'VH1 goes inside adult swim' (or something like that) vid recently torrented from suprnova was quite excellent.
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No one can defeat the Quad Laser!
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Shake: Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes.
Now I've read the arguments on boths sides--and i haven't found any evidence YET to support the need to brush your teeth--ever.

Meatwad: I don't know how you'd know you ain't got no teeth.

Shake: Well I got RID of my teeth at an young age because---I'm straight, teeth are for gay people thats why fairies come and get `em.
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"No, I don't have night vision goggles. I have these... action bills."

I wish the show didn't rely so much on gross-out humor nowadays, but the Mooninites are still the funniest thing to ever happen to anybody. Ever.

"We shall acquire some wine on the way to the mall. And then you can get 'tore up, and pass out in the hot sun."
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Evil Alien: "Fine, you want to eat? Let's see if you can eat... Pizza!!!"
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