Moron alert!
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Moron alert! For those missing J. Danforth Quayle, your best bet for continued hilarity in the executive branch of the US government would be to vote for George W. Bush. Although some of the quotes listed in this link are simply Shrub getting tongue-tied, others are truly fascinating. Apologies for linking to the evil Slate.
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Yet ANOTHER Moron Alert!
AlGore Stupid Quotes!

America's future certainly is bright.
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GWB is definitely a dim bulb, but no one can compare to Dan Quayle. A huge list of famous Dan quotes on this site is one of the funniest collections ever.
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We have a GWB in NYC which is way smarter than the one in Texas.
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"This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It's what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve."—Speaking during "Perseverance Month"...

Let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just needs glasses.
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I think GW Bush Jr would be a tremendous benefit to the country. He will provide us with new words for the English language such as analization, emotionality, inebriating, etc., Excederin. This will be a big boomerization for the Dictionary industry.
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Who is GW Bush Jr? I didn't know he had a son.
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I think our friend PaperCut is refering to the FULL NAME of former President Bush: George Herbert Walker Bush.

That would make him GHW Bush. Ignoring that lousy "H," his son can be labeled as "G W Bush Jr." .

Given that GWB has decided to pick and choose what events from his past he would disclose, we, the common people can also pick and choose which middle initial we want to use from his daddy's name.
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Funny how people choose to belittle Bush because he's the son of a former president while Gore Jr. never has Junior attached to his name, even though he's the one that's a junior.
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GYC: Al Gore is HONEST about being a "Jr." and has that in his name!! GWB, on the other hand, prefers to be called "Dubbya" and not "Junior." How can you trust a snake oil salesman who even lies to you about his identity?
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what I find funny about the two top links is that many of the Gore stupid quotes require a somewhat detailed explanation for WHY they were stupid or incorrect.. Bush's quotes (mis)speak for themselves.
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And everyone remembers President John Adams Jr., right?

(Interesting how the White House web site's "Fast Fact" points out that JQA is "the only son of a President to serve as President himself", without a "so far"...)
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JQA, for all the ghosts of his father chasing him all his life, was rarely known as "John Adams Jr." John Adams, and Senator Albert Gore Sr. both wanted to raise a "prototype trophy child." Let's not dishonor the memories of JQA with the "Jr" labels. He spent a lifetime running away from his father.

May he rest in peace.
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