August 27, 2000
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Color me surprised. My annoyance at Tom Clancy for the shoddy quality of Rainbow Six is well known. I had expected to give up on him entirely; I didn't even plan to buy the new one in hardcover without reading it first...
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...then I went to Borders, and curled up with the first 150 pages or so.


No, it's probably still not his best novel, but it's definitely a 'franchise' quality book, again. Interestingly enough the Red Storm Entertainment website doesn't say a damn word about the book; I'm not sure what to make of that. This is just a preview comment; full review to come at Epinions after I finish my second read (and note-taking) this week.

But, if you're a Clancy fan, I'd say it's safe to grab this one. Buy it at a discount warehouse, by all means, but go ahead and buy it.

[ Yeah, there are a couple of implausible items that a tech-reader could have culled out, but only one is important to the plot, and I find myself able to live with them. A bunch of old friends returned, too; call this Clancy's To Sail Beyond The Sunset. This seems to be a common habit of series-book authors; you won't catch me complaining as long as they justify it well. He did. ]
posted by baylink at 12:29 PM on August 27, 2000

Damn. Used up all of my Surprised paint this week on Dave Winer...
posted by wendell at 1:26 PM on August 27, 2000

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